Sunday, February 7, 2010

Childrens Book

I think I would like to make a childrens book. Just something simple like one of those with letters of the alphabet with animals.
A for ant eater
B for Boar
C for Cat
D for Dog
E for Elaphant
F for ?
G for Goose
H for Hippo
... And so on. I figure I could self publish at first. Just using I photo or something and then try to get a publisher if the book is a hit. It would be good for my portfolio and open me up to a new market. Also I enjoy animals so it would be fun to paint.

1. Way more work than I think it would be....I understand this is a lot of work but I am not going all in this project just. I m just testing out the waters. Worse case the book is a flop and I have a bunch of paintings of animals, which I paint anyway.
2. Text. I hat text it does not adapt to my style. I will paint all the letters. There will be no typed text.
3. Copyright. When I can I will take photos of animals myself.  It is possible if I use  Zebra photo from the internet to paint from somebody may get mad. I believe they wont have grounds to sue but I want at least let the people know my idea and get their permission. Perhaps this will even help promote the book as people who took the pictures will like to see how they look as  painting.