Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bernal Palm Trea

This tree is above my house
This is one of those paintings that comes very easy. Its like my hands just knew what to do. For the most part I was on auto pilot I just sat back and watched my hands paint this one. High clouds were rolling in at a medium pace. They were the type of clouds that when I was little I remember tuning them into animals and monsters. I don't see clouds that way anymore its sad in a way I just see them as clouds.

Again I started with thick white and I worked into this with light color. Also I learned that when you penetrate this thick oil paint with a sharp pointed brush with medium the line becomes sharp defined and deep. I believe the first painting where I did this thick textured white overlay was Bernal Stair Case maybe a month ago. It was an experiment then and a process now. I feel my last three paintings have been very consistent.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yellow is the Night

I started this painting at 6:15 PM. I painted and painted and then it got dark. When it got dark I figured I got this far so I just kept on painting. As it got darker I used more muted darker color in contrast with just yellow and white. I learned that night time with street lights can pretty much be achieved with black and yellow and slight variations of these two colors. I painted until 9:30. It got so dark I could not see my pallet. But I knew where the yellow ws and I knew where my black was. So I just painted with those colors and White. These colors mixed with the colors that I painted when it was light. People walking by were amused to see an artist painting in the dark. Nice evening to paint.

Sea Paste

Painted at Rodeo Beach on May 26, 2008. Michelle Jader and I set of a 7:30 AM we got to the beach around 8:15 and painted until about 10:40 AM.
It was great painting with Michelle because she is so talented. She painted the Northern rocks and I painted the south. The last three times I painted Rodeo Beach I painted rite by the surfers because I wanted to be close to the action and if any super sets rolled in I could jump into my wet suit and be in the water for the next set. This time I wanted to distance myself from the surfers because of an open wound on my back wouldn't allow me into the water. If a super set did come it I did not want to be near it. On this day the surf was small and blown out so I did not miss being in the water.
Again I started out with thick chunky white. I then used my Pallet Knife to describe the seascape with textured white. After I got the t\lay of the land I slowly added in color. These Painting of the ocean for me or always wrestling matches. Sometimes you are winning and then sometimes you look at your canvas and you are like what happened. I wrestled this one the whole time. Michelle and I did not talk much I think we were each fighting major battles in our minds. We painted the whole time undisturbed except for one lady who asked us if it was legal to collect shells. I did not know the answer. In the End I am happy with my painting. I pulled it off and t times I did not think I could. Some paintings come easy this one did not. I had to work for it but I am very happy with the result. It was another good day at Rodeo just not sunny, foggy and cold.

Monday, May 26, 2008

New Rooster

They Are Called Rooster Now.....Not Chickens!h



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Alisha's Painting

My Painting.
Robert's to come soon
Painted on May 26, 2008.
This was the second Plein Air Club Meeting. Alisha Wilson is new to the club and it was my first time doing Plein Air with Robert Ramos. We got out there at 8:30 Am and when we did people were begging to set up for Carnival. We posted up on a street corner near the studio. We began painting in the scene. Then after 20 minutes the Jamacian Carnival team set up their float right in front of us. What a challenge, the scene we painted was flooded with dancers and giant Peacock costumes. They were beautiful. We just had to work through it. I am excited for the work that was produced. I am planning on doing a studio pinting of the parade again this year as I did last year. Thinks for coming out.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Painted on May 24,2008.

Bernal Toilet

Painted at my house on May 23, 2008.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bit Torrent

On this one I decided to paint something that is not as iconic as a car. I chose a construction site at 20th and Alabama. The painting was a good challenge because I was painting things that are not easily identified. Stacks of two by fours and other various pieces of wood. If I had another 8 hours to paint this I am confident it would tightened itself up. I only had an hour and an half so the shapes and colors did not have time to find a place of there own. In this painting I am happy with how loosely everything is described. A studio mate told me to really emphasise tone. Emphasize the darks, cool and warm. He may have a point. But what would that really do? Make it more realistic make certain shapes stand out so they can be identified. I know what he is saying but I think attention to indavidual shape tone will identify the scene but it will lose spontaneity. This would brake the unity of the painting as a whole and constrain the eye. I like the painting the way it is because it doesn't describe anything it just grabs bits and pieces of everything.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bay To Breakers

It was a great day for Bay to Breakers. I did not run or dress in costume but I was there with my paint box. I saw a fight, Nudes and people urinating everywhere, by the time the bulk of the parade got to Golden Gate Park people were pretty tossed. It was very fun to watch and for the most part everybody was in a very cheery mood. This painting was done where they roller skate by the De Young. It was the only spot I could find that was elevated with music. The rollerskating DJ masters plays some good cuts.

This painting was the most ambitious plein air painting I have ever attempted. I painted a moving parade. Wow what a challenge and a brain exercise. After four hours of painting this scene I was mentally exhausted. I've said it before and I'll say it again a Plein Air Painter must expect and anticipate change. For this scene nothing was guarantied to stay still. I whole croud of people that was sitting infront of me just up and left unexpectidly. They did not even ask me if it was ok for them to leave.

I learned so much in this painting. The most challenging part was painting the people as they were walking. To do this I would use ten different people to model as one person. I am happy with this painting and I am happy where painting in this style is taking me. A hundred years from now there going to call this Neo Plein Air....No gold frames here.......

Plein Air Club First Meeting

We met for the first time on Saturday, May 17 2008. It was a great get together. People were attempting styles that they had not tried ever or in a log time. There was a good energy in the air. Some really great work was produced. I am excited about the future of this club. If anybody has any show ideas for this club or paint spots please let me know.

My painting started of black and white. I painted that way for two hours. Then as the sun started to set i decided I needed some color. Some of the old masters would start there paintings black in white, get there tonal values correct and then move on to color. I was working this way but the difference is I think they let there paintings dry first. Well I am happy with this painting I think it describes the corner in front of our art studio. Pic to come

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Earthquake Weather

Why is it called Earthquake weather? I overheard locals say that when it was hot in San Francisco they call it earthquake weather. Painted in a new style I m calling Plein Air Collage. Where you paint something and then you move on and paint something else on the same canvas. A break through painting.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bernal Hill with Nathan Sobo

It was a warm day out there. I told Nathan that his painting turned out very clean and it is. Nathan has this clean percise approach . I will post the painting he did if he allows me to. I painted two paintings this evening. One of Nathan painting and the other of Nathans Bike. I go out painting by myself so often that when somebody comes with me I just end up painting them and their belongings. Nice day on the hill, I brought up a beer for me and Nathan but we were both so busy we did not even have time to drink them.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bell View

photo to come soon. Painted on May 12, 2008 at Dolores Park. Nice day to paint I was undisturbed and I just let it flow. I challenged myself with this one. I am starting to understand that the best time to paint is actually right before it gets dark. Everything becomes simple. As I was finishing up a man who was cleaning up the park told me he envied us. He was speaking about us artist. He then said god is everywhere. I am not religious but something about that moment made me think. If god were real he would probably show himself in a sunset. I don't go to church but I do believe there is something out there. God and I have an understanding we meet every night before the sun goes down in return I don't have to go to church.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dolores Park

Photos to come soon
Nick Duffort and I make a pretty good team. He did a drawing of me while I was busy painting a playground slide.

The first painting I did is titled Match.Com.....Why is it called Because as we were painting a couple met a few feet from us. I knew from the first second that it was a I asked Nick how much he wanted to bet that they met on an Internet dating site. At first nick did not believe this to be true. But after eavesdropping for twenty minutes he found that I was rite. Its funny how observant you become when you are painting. You can't help but eavesdrop it would be counter productive to ignore your surroundings. I now understand how Paul Modonna can fill a whole book of just ease drop drawings.

The second painting was done solo. As the sun went down everybody left nick, the people and the sunbathers. I was alone with my thoughts and it was very peaceful. I felt very close to the scene and I had a strong connection with the dieing day. I can't get enough of this plein air. My paint obsession reminds me of this movie I saw with a Young Robert De Niro. It was about junkies. One part that will always stick in my mind is the part where one Junky is telling the other that they have it pretty good. Because when they wake up in the morning they know exactly what they want. Most other people have to figure it out but a junky just wants his fix.
Art to me is the same way. When I wake up in the morning all I think about is where and when my next painting will be.

True Democracy

Painted on may 11, 2008 at Rodeo beach looking north up the coast line at the first group of rocks that bring the beach to an end. I am happy with this painting! I took my time and wrestled it for a while. As the sun moved the shadows changed. I must of worked non stop for five hours reworking the painting constantly. A Plein Air painter must accept and anticipate change. As the tide rolled in I followed it on my paining. As the shadows grew I followed them. This painting is a painted history of the day. I have a new understanding for Rodeo beach and the ocean. Why is it called True Democracy? The refers to the paint process.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bernal Hill Red Truck

OK, I love this truck it has character, it's old it's long and I'm sure there are a lot of stories to be told bout how it got it's many dents. I love the red against the green, it makes this truck pop out. This painting flowed everything lined up perfect and I am more happy with this one than most that I paint. Thanks for checking in tomorrows Friday hurray. A special shout out to my brother ADAM PAPINI because it is his Birthday.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Started a new Bernal Hill Painting

I plan to be finished with this painting by Sunday night. Here is what I got so far. This one is going to be a studio painting all though it started off in my house. I painted bernal hill so many times I feel its time to respect it and take it into the studio and spend 10 hours on it. The rectangle on the top is the proportions of the canvas. Stay tooned and watch it grow!

Folsom Hydrant

Folsom Hydrant what can I say, My friend Nate painted a hydrant a couple of days ago. I thought it was an awesome painting. I wanted to get a taste of the action, thanks nate you inspired me!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bernal Stair Case

Photo to come soon. Nice day on the hill. It's been a while almost to long. I have been busy working on my new web site and learning how to work my new mac book. I love painting outside. This painting was done on a dirt stair case surrounded by Violet and white flowers. I started the painting with a thick layer of white. Then I worked into it. In starting with all of this white allowed me to create texture that was easily influenced by color. Texture can take your eyes in directions and set the mood for a painting......Try to use texture to create mood in a photo or print......good luck. These type of painting are very much like sculptor.

This paragraph doesn't have much to do with the last one but it is something I need to get off my chest. Painting should be original. When I here of artist that are afraid to share there process because they feel somebody will steal it I get very confused .....We are not making cookies here.....I couldn't copy my own process for any single painting I have ever done, I don't think anybody else could. These paintings have a life of there own and the grow on top of themselves. So what am I saying...Am I saying that somebody who is worried about people stealing there process is not original?.....Yes that is exactly what I am saying!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Thank You Gilad Doitsh

I had a great time with you at open studios. It's great that you are so into art and I am glad you had a good time. I hope you enjoy your new painting of me and who knows....Maybe I'll have you over at the studio to pose for a portrait. You rock

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Return to Rodeo Beach


Nick and I set out at about 10:30 to the beach. It was a nice day. Nick did a nice drawing that I will post at a later date. The day consisted of surfing a picnic and a lunch. Nice day. Thanks for coming nick we will do this again soon.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thank You Vicente Sancenon

Thank You Vicente,
First off thank you for helping me hang my show. Your eye proved to know my own work better than mine. You have strong ability to critique. You balanced my wall so that I showed a portfolio of work instead of just what I was into at that moment. May your new painting remind you of American Traffic.

Thank You Nick Duffort

Thank You Nick,
Hey man thanks for always supporting me. Now you own a complete painting instead of half finished ones. I don't have a picture of your new freeway so I posted that portrait of you. We should get together soon to do some more portraits. Again thank you for all of the support over the years and for always attending my shows. I hope the SF freeway brings you joy and reminds you when you are old of all of the fun we are having now.

Thank You Ruben Edelson

Thank You Ruben,
I will miss this painting but mostly I will miss the conversations it brings. May it bring your living room some interesting discussion. People Eaters will be missed dearly but I am proud to give it to you. Thank you for always supporting my art over the years and my this gesture be a good financial decision for you in the future!

Thank You Deborah Hirsh


Thank you Deborah for your purchase and I hope this chicken keeps you company and stays with you for many years. Goodbye Chicken, don't worry you have found a good home.