Saturday, June 14, 2008

City Window

JUNE 14, 2008
11" by 14"
Oil on Canvas Board

Painted with the San Francisco Plein Air Club. I spent at least 5 hours on this one. I got sunburned on my knees because they never see sunlight. I did not get burned anywhere else. It was a good turnout.

I was so used to painting in watercolor that I forgot that I was doing an oil painting. I did not listen to my own blog entry the other day when I told myself that a oil painting should be painted as an oil painting. Well I stared out very light and soft. I worked on only sections at a time as I would on a watercolor. It took me about two hours 4 hours to realize that this painting was not going to be completed as a watercolor. So I began really painting. I am happy with the results of this painting because it is like my studio paintings but outside. I fell back into my old habit's painting as I used to before I started plein Air painting. I have been re issued my artist licence. Yes you can use an artist licence in Plein Air. I feel this describes me. Good or Bad it describes me it is my painted personality. I cant run from this way of painting for to long.

While painting a group of five 12 to 15 year old kids were walking down the street near my house. I could tell they were up to no good. They did not see me. In fact one of the kids peed right right in front of me and he did not know it. The kids were throwing rocks at cars. I figured they were just little pebbles so I did not pay much attention to it. Then I herd a crash. The little punks broke my neighbors back windshield. As quickly as I could I ran into the street but they were gone. I went back up and secured my paints so the wind would not blow my canvas away and I told my landlord that one of the tenets car had been vandalized. I know what these kids look like and I know they live around here. I am going to confront them the next time I see them. They don't think anybody saw them but I did.

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