Wednesday, June 4, 2008

May 4 2008

I was fighting some serious battles in my mind while trying to paint this one. The paint just was not doing what I wanted it to. Compared to yesterdays painting this painting did not come natural. I took on more subject matter there was more to describe. I made up a couple things to resolve this painting.
When I paint I feel my head clears. I observe the world and it's complexity. I step out of being individual and become everything. It's a great feeling and I wish more people would turn off their their I pods there cell phones and watch the day die. Painting is just the tool I use to get me out there. The real experience is observing. When I paint I'm just taking down what I observe. Some people may say that my plein air painting is not my strongest work...They may be right but I don't care. Fishing is not about catching fish and painting is not about production. It's about the journey and enjoying where it takes you. It is nice to catch a fish now and then. I feel I caught a good one today. Plein Air painting has brought me closer to reality.

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Alisha Wilson said...

Wow I really like this one. The colors are fantastic. When I do watercolor I use a mixture of green and purple to make my blacks. So it made me think of the green purple and black used in this painting and how they relate.