Sunday, January 6, 2008


This painting was an experiment in color. I was using new colors and I wanted to paint something saturated. I chose a parrot because they are very brilliant in color. The three colors I used were Magenta, Cobalt-Turquoise and Cadmium yellow. If i were to paint this again I would use a Pure Red. The Red in this painting was made by mixing Magenta Cadmium Yellow and black. most painters say mixing in black is a mistake. I agree with this sometimes. I feel that mixing black does desaturate a color but sometimes that is just what you want. For this painting however it was a pure rich red that I wanted and this cant be achieved by mixing hue. Also, I used tube black to mix in my colors. Tube black is cheap and it shows in this painting. In the future I am going to mix my blacks. I like to mix Phalo blue and Burt Sienna to get a cool black. For a warm Black I prefer Crimson and Phalo Green. I also need to be more concerned with the temperature of colors. This again can be achieved by not mixing blacks to get a darker tone of color. Dark-tone can be created by mixing a colors complement. I am going to attempt this in my next painting.

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