Monday, January 7, 2008

Yellow Orange and Blue Violet

It's amazing what you can do with two colors. I first covered the canvas with yellow orange. Then I painted the balloon and landscape in it's complement blue violet. When these color compliments are added together they complete the color spectrum. This means that all the primary colors meet. As a result the colors cancel each other out and become muted. It's great that you can get so many tones without adding black. I find it important that muting of color can create contrast in two colors that almost have the same tone. If you look at the river you see that it is very muted its almost becoming no color at all. This separates it from the blue Violet trees and the yellow orange background. I want to continue working this way. Next I want to use three colors that cobine to add black. This way I will have a whole rang of bright and dull colors.

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