Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just because I cant see a color does not mean that I can't determine if it's there.

The more I study color the more I understand the extant of my colorblindness. When I mix a color wheel I can distinguish all of the colors apart and name them except from blue-violet to blue. I can always distinguish a pure Violette. I can always distinguish a blue green. Any of the other pure colors on the color wheel I have no problem with. Sometimes if I add white to a blue Violette i can distinguish it from blue. (It should be noted that I can distinguish a pure blue most of the time but I am unsure if there is Violette in it. It's the blue I understand and the blue Violette my eyes are blind to). So does this mean that these are the only colors I get confused? No, Because blue Violette can be mixed into many colors. So this means any color that has blue Violette mixed in, I stand to get confused. There is a lot of colors out there that have Blue Violette mixed in them.
If what I said above is true then I still have some unanswered questions.
Why do I get brown and green mixed up ?( I have no problem with pure green and brown.) I get greens with a lot of black mixed in confused with dark browns. An example of this is in pine trees. When I was a young painter I would paint them brown.)
From what a understand about brown in that it is a muted color. It can come from many color combinations. I believe if you mix any complement into one color it will turn brown.( Blue and orange become brown) So why do I confuse a green Hue with Brown?

I have been finding out little tricks to identify color, I think it's interesting that a non-colorblind artist would never have the need to come up with these tricks. It's something about using these tricks that is exciting. Just because I can't see a color does not mean that I can't determine if it's there

Take blue violet for example. Lets say I dont know if it is blue Violette that i have mixed. Well it's true that my eyes will not allow me to see blue Violette but they will allow me to see it's compliment, yellow orange....A color that I can distinguish 100% of the time. So to see if I have really mixed a blue Violette I can add it to yellow orange. If the mixture turns black, then I have a blue Violette. This works on a palette but in nature I can't exactly grab a peace of the sunset add yellow Orange to it and see if it turns black........Or can I?

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