Sunday, February 17, 2008

Highway 280

Why was it painted?
I painted it because I felt i was ready to re-visit my visual obsession, crowded Urban Landscapes. This time I wanted to bring it home to San Francisco on a highway I drive, 280.

How long did it take?
11 hours.

What about the color palette?

Well this time I stared with Cobalt Violet and Cadmium Yellow. I started with these colors because they are contrasting and they are very bright. When you combine these together they get very dull. The Brighter they are the Harder the Dull. Using these colors makes it possible to achieve many tones quickly. Most of the painting was built up in these two colors. In the final hours I added some blues and and reds to cool it down and bring it back to earth.
What inspired this painting?

Excess, Crowded Malls, Oil Spills and NFL linebackers

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