Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Future

When did we get to the future. Well what I mean to say is that we don't look toward the future anymore as this place with men in tin foil suits. We don't have visions oi flying cars and floating city's in the sky. I think this is largely because we feel we are so advanced and that we are in the future. Or is it that we just grew up and those thoughts don't come up in everyday life. Well I don't know what the future holds as a race. Global Warming, a water world?.... Most theories I hear these days are negative, and perhaps they are correct. They do have evidence to back them up. Maybe humanity is going into a tailspin and soon it will be all over.
The sketch I did today did not reflect this negative vision, in fact it was the opposite. The sketch was of a positive outlook on a city in the future. It had a productive feel to it. I did not consciously come up with the idea, I just drew it. When I looked at it I wrote the future. Why was this sketch the future? Well everything looked different. The freeway seemed to have more cars on it. The buildings seemed to be the size of mountains. Something about this sketch was the same but different. So I went from sketch to painting (A small
one). My ideas of the future grew. I will upload the picture soon. But what if the future is a place where cars buildings and mountains grow. What if our knowledge allows us to create a living breathing world where houses build themselves. Some kind of Genetically engineered planet. Well I know it's not in these days to have a positive outlook on the future, nor a positive future for genetic engineering, but we have to be headed some where.

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