Sunday, February 10, 2008

Elite Artist

I was at a very small art show in the gallery today. I was wearing what I paint in. My old work pants (Which ripped on my bike) and a t shirt. It's a large rip from the base to the knee of my pants. I was checking out the work and chatting it up a bit. There was an artist there who really had a problem with what I was wearing. I could tell he was talking about me with his group of Friends. Knowing this I confronted him. He made it a point to call me out on my pants. I explained to him that I was at my art studio in my paint outfit I told him how the pants ripped and that I wanted to make good use of them. He then questioned the length of the rip, How could they rip that far from catching a bike chain?, he asked. I explained to him that the rip was small but it has been getting bigger. I then explained in great detail exactly how the rip came to be. I thought it was very silly that I had to explain to him the that the rip was unintentional. I think he thought I was trying to make a statement with my clothes , and this statement that he thought I was making he did not like. Then he went on to ask me why I didn't put a safety pin on them. I then got frustrated with this guy. I explained again to him that I am at an art studio and That my image is the last thing that I care about here. I don't know if he had a problem with my leg hair Forrest or what. I then told him my penis is not showing, the rip only goes to my knee so whats the problem. Annoyed I left the gallery to go paint.

Anthony Papini

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