Thursday, February 28, 2008

Back to the Future

It's 5:30 and I am just getting of work. All day I have been contemplating what I was going to paint after work today. Well I can't seem to shake this future idea, so I am going to go with it. If you read the last post you may think it was a little crazy, a little out there. Well it is. The thing about trying to explain a painting with words, without the painting is that it's just words. It is like trying to explain a song with out the music just the lyrics. Imagine trying to explain a Fergy song, take Lady Lumps. Try to explain this without humming the tune or dancing or anything. It simply does not hold water on it's own......Not to say that that song holds water with the music playing but I hope you understand my point.

Well I'm gonna go for it, the Future Freeway painting. It has a nice ring to it.. I have painted so many freeways that I can look at a blank peace of paper and see a freeway on it without even the stroke of a pin. Because I see freeways, because they are imprinted into my head I feel I am ready to go for it with no visual references. That's right, right out of my head. This is why I am doing a future freeway instead of a normal freeway. I don't think I could actually depict a normal freeway without visual references but a future freeway I may have a chance at.

Trying to paint a future freeway is a lot like trying to describe a dream that you forgot.

This painting is a good exercise for me because it makes me create. It forces me to go some where I am afraid of. In painting something that does not exist I am stepping out of my comfort level. I feel as I did as a child jumping of the high dive for the first time. Scared but excited.

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