Thursday, March 25, 2010

About birds in a tree

Well i have decided now not to go with the trash in the painting. It would take it in a direction I don't want this particular painting to go.
This painting's core is about coping with this concrete jungle. I have always enjoyed skateboarding, in fact I skate to work and to my studio. I was first interested in skateboarding because it was creative expression. Here you have all these things that were built for various reasons and with a skateboard you could use them in a completely different way than they were intended for. Sure I would of probably rather been running through the forest or fishing but I did not have that. I was born in Sacramento and I had to make my surroundings my playground. For me the street was my creative form of expression. In a way it is the same thing for the city birds in this painting, they have to make it work. There may be certain advantages for them by living above a freeway.  They would rather be in a wild forest some where but they are not. In a way I am facing reality in this painting. Like it or not we are must cope with modern life. City's, Garbage, Pee smell, Cancer and everything else that comes with what we have created. You can be for it against like it or hate it but you are part of it as the birds are.

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