Thursday, March 18, 2010

I took it to the edge and almost lost it.

I have overglazed before and I will overglaze again. Heavy glazing is embed in my painting style. I glazed this painting so deep that it was almost at the point of no return. People coming into look t my painting said things like oh what happened. Did you start over? People often don't understand the way I paint. In college I got these comments all the time. Even Art teachers did not know why I was glazing so deep. I remember on my final critique my senior year I had been working on the Red Room. The night before this final I had done a purple glaze over the painting, the entire thing. In critique I got reamed, Why did you do a purple glaze. Why would you do this right before critique ? Why purple. It was such a good painting before you layered purple over it. I herd it all. I knew what I was doing and I knew why I chose purple because it was a glaze that bridged the gap between the yellow and blue without turning green. I went on to finish this painting I was awarded a scholarship and the painting was and still is one of my strongest paintings ever. If I would of quite early yeah it would of been a good painting but not a great painting. I am over painting good paintings from now on I only paint masterpieces. This means that I am going to paint a lot of crap painting in the process. That means a lot of wasted hours at the studio,money and time when it dos not work out. I am ok with that.

This painting that I am working on I almost lost tonight. But I think I brought it to the edge and now if I can tackle this beast it will be my greatest creation ever. Or it may end up torn up on the street outside my studio....we will see.

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