Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birds in a tree over a freeway

I started this painting about two months ago. I have gone back to work on it some more. This painting has been evolving before my eyes. It started out as simply just a freeway scene as I always do. But I went in a little thick on the first coat.  So I had to scrape some paint of. As a result there was a very smooth surface and a very ruff surface, As I began to pint the freeway I started looking at the ruff surface and I could see tree branches. I thought it would throw some branches in there as see what goes. After that I decided to add robins in the tree branches. So I have this moving freeway and birds living above it. We have this natural creature living above freeway of concrete. I thought of how sometimes there is nothing we can do but accept that we live above a freeway and move on.
Now the question is do I want to add trash in the trees. Like candy bar wrappers that the birds are using for nest material. This will change the meaning of the painting. Because now it wont just be beauty contrasting against ugly but beauty intertwined with ugly. Nature will be not just coping with this modern mess but using it.

My gut tells me to add the trash.

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