Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sea Paste

Painted at Rodeo Beach on May 26, 2008. Michelle Jader and I set of a 7:30 AM we got to the beach around 8:15 and painted until about 10:40 AM.
It was great painting with Michelle because she is so talented. She painted the Northern rocks and I painted the south. The last three times I painted Rodeo Beach I painted rite by the surfers because I wanted to be close to the action and if any super sets rolled in I could jump into my wet suit and be in the water for the next set. This time I wanted to distance myself from the surfers because of an open wound on my back wouldn't allow me into the water. If a super set did come it I did not want to be near it. On this day the surf was small and blown out so I did not miss being in the water.
Again I started out with thick chunky white. I then used my Pallet Knife to describe the seascape with textured white. After I got the t\lay of the land I slowly added in color. These Painting of the ocean for me or always wrestling matches. Sometimes you are winning and then sometimes you look at your canvas and you are like what happened. I wrestled this one the whole time. Michelle and I did not talk much I think we were each fighting major battles in our minds. We painted the whole time undisturbed except for one lady who asked us if it was legal to collect shells. I did not know the answer. In the End I am happy with my painting. I pulled it off and t times I did not think I could. Some paintings come easy this one did not. I had to work for it but I am very happy with the result. It was another good day at Rodeo just not sunny, foggy and cold.

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