Sunday, May 18, 2008

Plein Air Club First Meeting

We met for the first time on Saturday, May 17 2008. It was a great get together. People were attempting styles that they had not tried ever or in a log time. There was a good energy in the air. Some really great work was produced. I am excited about the future of this club. If anybody has any show ideas for this club or paint spots please let me know.

My painting started of black and white. I painted that way for two hours. Then as the sun started to set i decided I needed some color. Some of the old masters would start there paintings black in white, get there tonal values correct and then move on to color. I was working this way but the difference is I think they let there paintings dry first. Well I am happy with this painting I think it describes the corner in front of our art studio. Pic to come

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