Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bernal Stair Case

Photo to come soon. Nice day on the hill. It's been a while almost to long. I have been busy working on my new web site and learning how to work my new mac book. I love painting outside. This painting was done on a dirt stair case surrounded by Violet and white flowers. I started the painting with a thick layer of white. Then I worked into it. In starting with all of this white allowed me to create texture that was easily influenced by color. Texture can take your eyes in directions and set the mood for a painting......Try to use texture to create mood in a photo or print......good luck. These type of painting are very much like sculptor.

This paragraph doesn't have much to do with the last one but it is something I need to get off my chest. Painting should be original. When I here of artist that are afraid to share there process because they feel somebody will steal it I get very confused .....We are not making cookies here.....I couldn't copy my own process for any single painting I have ever done, I don't think anybody else could. These paintings have a life of there own and the grow on top of themselves. So what am I saying...Am I saying that somebody who is worried about people stealing there process is not original?.....Yes that is exactly what I am saying!

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