Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bay To Breakers

It was a great day for Bay to Breakers. I did not run or dress in costume but I was there with my paint box. I saw a fight, Nudes and people urinating everywhere, by the time the bulk of the parade got to Golden Gate Park people were pretty tossed. It was very fun to watch and for the most part everybody was in a very cheery mood. This painting was done where they roller skate by the De Young. It was the only spot I could find that was elevated with music. The rollerskating DJ masters plays some good cuts.

This painting was the most ambitious plein air painting I have ever attempted. I painted a moving parade. Wow what a challenge and a brain exercise. After four hours of painting this scene I was mentally exhausted. I've said it before and I'll say it again a Plein Air Painter must expect and anticipate change. For this scene nothing was guarantied to stay still. I whole croud of people that was sitting infront of me just up and left unexpectidly. They did not even ask me if it was ok for them to leave.

I learned so much in this painting. The most challenging part was painting the people as they were walking. To do this I would use ten different people to model as one person. I am happy with this painting and I am happy where painting in this style is taking me. A hundred years from now there going to call this Neo Plein Air....No gold frames here.......

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