Monday, May 19, 2008

Bit Torrent

On this one I decided to paint something that is not as iconic as a car. I chose a construction site at 20th and Alabama. The painting was a good challenge because I was painting things that are not easily identified. Stacks of two by fours and other various pieces of wood. If I had another 8 hours to paint this I am confident it would tightened itself up. I only had an hour and an half so the shapes and colors did not have time to find a place of there own. In this painting I am happy with how loosely everything is described. A studio mate told me to really emphasise tone. Emphasize the darks, cool and warm. He may have a point. But what would that really do? Make it more realistic make certain shapes stand out so they can be identified. I know what he is saying but I think attention to indavidual shape tone will identify the scene but it will lose spontaneity. This would brake the unity of the painting as a whole and constrain the eye. I like the painting the way it is because it doesn't describe anything it just grabs bits and pieces of everything.

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