Monday, May 26, 2008



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Alisha's Painting

My Painting.
Robert's to come soon
Painted on May 26, 2008.
This was the second Plein Air Club Meeting. Alisha Wilson is new to the club and it was my first time doing Plein Air with Robert Ramos. We got out there at 8:30 Am and when we did people were begging to set up for Carnival. We posted up on a street corner near the studio. We began painting in the scene. Then after 20 minutes the Jamacian Carnival team set up their float right in front of us. What a challenge, the scene we painted was flooded with dancers and giant Peacock costumes. They were beautiful. We just had to work through it. I am excited for the work that was produced. I am planning on doing a studio pinting of the parade again this year as I did last year. Thinks for coming out.

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