Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dolores Park

Photos to come soon
Nick Duffort and I make a pretty good team. He did a drawing of me while I was busy painting a playground slide.

The first painting I did is titled Match.Com.....Why is it called Because as we were painting a couple met a few feet from us. I knew from the first second that it was a I asked Nick how much he wanted to bet that they met on an Internet dating site. At first nick did not believe this to be true. But after eavesdropping for twenty minutes he found that I was rite. Its funny how observant you become when you are painting. You can't help but eavesdrop it would be counter productive to ignore your surroundings. I now understand how Paul Modonna can fill a whole book of just ease drop drawings.

The second painting was done solo. As the sun went down everybody left nick, the people and the sunbathers. I was alone with my thoughts and it was very peaceful. I felt very close to the scene and I had a strong connection with the dieing day. I can't get enough of this plein air. My paint obsession reminds me of this movie I saw with a Young Robert De Niro. It was about junkies. One part that will always stick in my mind is the part where one Junky is telling the other that they have it pretty good. Because when they wake up in the morning they know exactly what they want. Most other people have to figure it out but a junky just wants his fix.
Art to me is the same way. When I wake up in the morning all I think about is where and when my next painting will be.

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Jill Rrrrrr. said...

You went to Dolores PARK? Ahhhhhh......